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Erotic prostate massage in Prague

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The ritual of the erotic prostate massage includes:

  1. Relaxing warm bath together.
  2. Full body massage, step by step relaxing every zone of your body.
  3. Prostate massage.
  4. The final part of the ritual including Lingam massage that will grant you the incredible relaxation.

The erotic prostate massage differs from classic erotic massage practices, but the more interesting your experience is. Prostate massage is intended for men; it includes anal prostate stimulation by an experienced sexy masseuse. How does prostate massage work and why should every man give it a try?

Benefits of erotic prostate massage

Prostate massage is incredibly erotic and exciting. Prostate is a walnut-sized gland accessible through the anal opening, close to the urethra. Its stimulation will flood your body with exciting and pleasant feelings that often end with orgasm. Moreover, it has been found out that, in case of enlarged prostate and related problems, even a single massage results in positive health effects. Enlarged prostate causes erection problems and frequent urination, which is brought about mainly by sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. Fortunately, this problem can be under your control thanks to regular prostate massage. During the massage, fluid that expands the prostate gets out. The massage is pleasant and exciting and you do something for your health at the same time!

How is prostate massage going on?

Our beautiful masseuse will welcome you and will gladly answer any questions you may have about the massage. Then you will have a shower and the masseuse may join you if you wish. The massage itself is very pleasant, the masseuse knows how to relax you perfectly so that entry through the anal opening is pleasant and the following feelings are just exciting. The completely new experience will be strong and surprising as this massage easily takes you to the climax. Orgasm is a natural part of prostate stimulation – why don´t you come and get your own?

Not so long ago, prostate massage was considered something practiced by homosexuals only. The truth is that the prostate is something like women´s G-point and it would be a pity to avoid it. Being touched by experienced hands of our masseuse, you will find the massage very exciting and pleasant. If your doctor recommends you prostate massage, make it a pleasant thing! At the doctor's office or with our sexy masseuse in a beautiful environment with orgasm? The choice is up to you!


Erotic prostate massage does not include sexual intercourse and no intercourse can be practiced, not even for additional charge.


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