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Nuru massage in Prague

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The ritual of Nuru massage includes:

  1. Relaxing warm shower together.
  2. Nuru oil massage, while which the masseuse slowly slides with her body along yours using the outstanding techniques of touch.
  3. Deep Lingam including balls massage.
  4. The final part of the ritual consists of Lingam relaxation practice.

Both bodies naked, wet and sliding - this is erotic nuru massage. Nuru massage is a traditional Japanese massage given in spa houses where it has pleased many men with its unconventional and relaxing form. Try this age-long popular massage that has become a trend in Prague as well!

Specifics of nuru massage

In addition to the body-to-body technique itself, nuru is interesting for the lubricating gel that is used during the massage. It is a nori seaweed gel that allows much higher smoothness than normally available lubricating gels. This gel is odorless, clear and free from disturbing elements. High smoothness allows you to focus only on delightful feelings that will be new and very arousing.

How is nuru massage going on?

The massage itself is preceded by a shower which you can share with the sexy masseuse if you wish. The shower will wash worries of a busy day away and prepare you for moments of relaxation and excitement during the body-to-body massage. In nuru massage, the masseuse is completely naked, without any disturbing element. The body-to-body massage technique is demanding and requires knowledge and experience of the masseuse, resulting in an absolutely natural experience of proximity to her body and erotic excitement ended with orgasm.

Nuru massage is an erotic adventure that is very intimate. The sexy masseuse will delight you with her whole body and you will enjoy incredibly delightful feelings and pampering. Try this little paradise, your moment just for you. Relief from stress and everyday worries is important!


Nuru massage is very erotic and contact but there is no sexual intercourse, not even for additional charge. On the contrary, orgasm is a natural part of the massage and does not mean the massage is terminated prematurely. You can achieve countless orgasms during the massage

Being the oasis of rest and pleasure Nirvana is open 24\7, giving everyone the chance to get very deep relaxation. Here you will realize how is it to be a real man: loved and desired. Here you will find new source of power and bliss, you will invite the lightness in your body and experience a new way to undeniable delight.


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