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Erotic mix massage

60 min
90 min
120 min
1 girl
2000 Kč
3000 Kč
4000 Kč
2 girls
3500 Kč
4800 Kč
6500 Kč

Become a part of this magnificent and spectacular journey to NIRVANA

The ritual of the erotic mix massage includes:

  1. Relaxing warm bath together.
  2. Full body massage, step by step relaxing every zone of your body.
  3. Nuru oil massage with the masseuse slowly sliding with her body along yours.
  4. The final part of the ritual including Lingam massage that will grant you the incredible relaxation.

Classic erotic massage will help you to dive into the sensual delights and discover new erogenous zones of your body. Grounding of the knowledge of men’s psychology and anatomy, our masseuses use the most impressive techniques of erotic interaction. Allowing the sweet tension and relaxation replace each other they will introduce you to the classic bliss of erotic massage

You will feel unforgettable pleasure from top to toe: every part of your body will take a special attention of our masseuse. She will tenderly, but passionately glide along your back and chest. All that combined with the outstanding techniques of deep Lingam massage with confidently bring you to the desired feeling of enravishment and give you an opportunity to explore the borders of ultimate zest.

During the whole time of classic massage waves of desire will keep you in the state of free flow and deep Nirvana. Classic erotic massage is an amazing way to unalloyed pleasure, deep gradual relaxation and pure joy. It will bring your sensual experience to a new level, while our masseuses will be gently guiding you to this new unconditional voluptuous world.

The moment, when you open yourself to the classic erotic massage, you open the door to the best practices and techniques that were brought through history as a true secret from generation to generation. We implement the most beloved and effective ones, which all together create modern classics of erotic massage.


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